All Courses in one Post

Web Development Basics

Course: Learn HTML & CSS

Course: Learn JavaScript

Course: Learn jQuery

Course: Basic Web Concepts

Course: A Quick Intro to TypeScript

.NET Framework

Course: New to .NET Framework?

Course: Learn C# in Urdu

Course: Develop Windows Applications Using C#

Course: Interact with Databases using ADO.NET

Course: Learn ASP.NET Web API

.NET Core

Course: Learn Basics of .NET Core

Course: Learn ASP.NET Core

Course: Learn ASP.NET Core 3.0 Web API

Full Stack Development

Course: Full Stack Web Development with ASP.NET MVC

Course: Full Stack Web Development with PHP

Course: Learn MEAN Stack

Course: Angular 8 Crash Course (4.5 hrs)

To Be a Better Professional

Course: Professional Guidance for Students/Beginners

Course: git For Beginners

Course: git For Intermediate

Course: Learn Databases from Developer Perspective

Course: All about Deployments

Course: Architecture and Design Patterns

Good to Have

Course: Learn Chrome Extension Development

Course: DevOps

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