Course: git For Intermediate

If you

  • Are a computer science student
  • Know how to use command prompt or any shell
  • Have some basic understanding of Data Structures
  • Want to Learn What is Version Control System

Expected Time To Complete: 2h 40m

1- What is Version Management

2- Introduction to Git

3- Installation of git

4- Playing with Git

5- Branching in git

6- Branching Demo 1 (Fast Forward)

7- Branching Demo 2 (Merging Scenarios)

8- Introduction to GitHub

9- Introduction to Remote Repositories

10- Remote Repository Demo 1

11- Remote Repository Demo 2 (Branching)

12- TortoiseGit Installation

13- TortoiseGit Demo 1

14- TortoiseGit Demo 2

15- Git with Visual Studio

16- Short Tutorial for Beginners/Non-Computer Science People (Optional)

17- Quick Introduction with Bitbucket (Optional)

Git Workflow

Branches are very cheap in Git. Different workflow (branch management strategies) have been proposed. Git workflow is a very popular branching/merging strategy. In this video, we’ll review merging quickly and then we’ll see what is Git Workflow.

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