Course: Learn Chrome Extension Development

In this course, you will learn how to develop web applications using C# & ASP.NET MVC.


Expected Time to Complete: 4 hours

1- Introduction

In this video, we’ll see

  • What are chrome extensions?
  • How to install & Uninstall a chrome extension?
  • Creating a very basic chrome extension
  • Loading sample extension in chrome

2- Content Scripts

Content Scripts are standard JavaScript files which are injected in the web page. You can play with DOM of web page using Content Scripts. A Content script runs in “Isolated World”. It can’t access members of other content scripts/page scripts.

3- What are Actions?

Actions are button show (in right top bar) to access extension.

4- How to use AJAX in Chrome Extension?

Check how to use AJAX calling to to external resources from extension code

5- What are Chrome APIs – 1

  • API
  • chrome.tabs API

6- What are Chrome Extension APIs – 2

  • chrome.notifications

7- What are Background Pages

  • Background Pages
  • Background Script

8- Demo of Page Action

9- Message Passing

10 – What are UI Pages

  • Override Pages
  • Option Pages

11- Publishing & Debugging

  • Publishing Options
  • Debugging

12- Quick Review

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