Course: Learn JavaScript

In this course, you will learn basics of JavaScript and how to use it for client side development.


  • You should have some hands on programming experience
  • You should have Passion of Learning

Expected Time to Complete: 120 mins

1- Introduction

JavaScript is a scripting programming language. Mostly it is used on client side development (browser) but it can be used as server side programming language. It is must if you want to learn web development. You may use any editor (like notepad, notepad++ etc.). I am using “Visual Studio” but it is not required for JavaScript. Also you don’t need to install anything for JavaScript.

2- Conditional Statements + Loops

In this video, we’ll learn how to use conditional statements (if, if else) and loops (for, while, do while) in JavaScript. Syntax & concept is almost similar to C++/C#/Java.

3- Arrays

Arrays construct is very important part of any programming language. In JavaScript, arrays are “associative”. They store data against some “key”. If you don’t provide “key”, index is used as key. Here you can consider array as data structure. You can add any type of data in an array.

4- for-in loop

In this video, we’ll see a special type of loop in JS which helps us in iterating an object or collection/array.

5- Functions

Syntax of function writing is quite similar in C++/C#/Java. But in JavaScript, syntax is little different. You create function by using “function” keyword. You don’t provide any return type. Function overloading is not available in JavaScript. If you don’t return anything from function, by default ‘undefined’ is returned.

6- Objects

JavaScript is not like other Object Oriented Programming languages where you have “class” keyword to create a class. It is quite different here. JavaScript is a “functional” programming language. Everything is a function. You can create objects in JavaScript though. You can also create classes, inheritance etc. indirectly.

7- JavaScript in Browser

It is a common misunderstanding that JavaScript runs only in browser. It is a proper programming language but mostly it is used in browser for client side development. If you want to use it without browser, you can use NodeJS. So when you use JavaScript in browser, you have different helping objects to play with page elements or in other words with DOM (Document Object Model).

8- Playing with DOM – Part 1

When ‘html’ is loaded in browser, browser parses it and creates similar tree but of ‘objects’. This objects tree is called DOM (Document Object Model). When you want to access an HTML element, you don’t access that element but you access its corresponding object in DOM. When you make any change to an object in DOM, that change is reflected to HTML automatically.

9- Playing with DOM – Part 2

In this video, we’ll continue our learning regarding DOM manipulation.

10- Learn with Examples -1

11- Learn with Examples -2

12- Learn with Examples -3

13- Learn with Examples -4

14- Miscellaneous Concepts

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