Course: Full Stack Web Development with PHP

In this course, you will learn how to develop web applications using PHP


This course is comprised of multiple tutorials. You need to follow these tutorials in order. Once you are comfortable (after doing practice), you should move to next tutorial then. At the end you will be able to do web development at professional level. You will be able to go for advanced courses in PHP.


Expected Time to Complete: 2.5 hours

PHP Practice Tasks with Solution are available on github

1- Intro to Server Side Dev

2- Starting with PHP

3- Data types, utility functions

4- Loops, conditional statements

5- Arrays

6- Functions

7- Classes

8- Example

9- Form elements

10- Session Example

11- AJAX, PHP API Example 1

12- AJAX, PHP API Example 2

13- MySql Intro

14- Connecting MySQL with PHP

15- Detailed Example

16- File Uploading without AJAX

17- File Uploading using AJAX

18- Product Management Example

19- Paths in web

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