Course: Learn ASP.NET Core

In this course, you will learn how to develop web applications using ASP.NET Core.

Note: If already have experience of Web Development using ASP.NET MVC, You may check this crash course (coming soon) instead.


Expected Time to Complete: 

1- Introduction & Background

In this video, we’ll check quick background of ASP.NET & then quick introduction of ASP.NET Core

2- Creating First Project in Visual Studio 2019

In this Video, We’ll check

  • Different ASP.NET Core Templates
  • How to create MVC based application
  • Quick overview of Template in Visual Studio

3- Introduction of Razor

In this video, we’ll learn

  • What is Razor Syntax
  • How to use C# Razor Syntax as Markup Language
  • Mixing Normal HTML with Razor Markup

4- What are Layouts

In this video, we’ll learn

  • What are Layouts?
  • How to create a Layout and Use it in content view?
  • What are RenderBody & RenderSection functions?

5- HTML Helpers & Tag Helpers

In this video, we’ll learn

  • How do HTML Helpers help us to create our HTML controls?
  • What are new Tag Helpers?
  • What is _viewimports.cshtml file?

6- Passing Data From Controllers to Views

In this video, we’ll learn Passing data from Controller to View using

  • ViewBag
  • ViewData
  • ViewModel Approach

7- Data Posting to Controller Action

In this video, we’ll learn

  • How to Post Data from Browser to Controller/Action
  • How to receive data in Action
  • Maintaining data in Post Back scenario

Packages & Reference Management in .NET Core

How Configurations Work in .NET Core (& ASP.NET Core)

In .NET Framework, We use System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager class which helps us to read configuration from App.config or web.config. These configuration files are XML based. In .NET Core, whole science of configuration management is changed. Now you may have multiple configuration sources (& even write your own provider). In this video we’ll learn how configuration framework works in .NET Core. This will help you in understanding configuration management in ASP.NET Core later.

Builtin Dependency Injection Framework in .NET Core

Builtin Logging Framework in .NET Core

8 – Back to Basics – What are Middlewares

9- Back to Basics – What is CreateDefaultBuilder Method

10- Back to Basics – What is Startup File

Post: Quick Overview of DI in ASP.NET Core

11- ASP.NET Core & Dependency Injection Framework

12- Quick Overview of App State Management

Post: Quick Overview of Session in ASP.NET Core

Post: Session Wrapper Design pattern in ASP.NET Core

13- Session Management

14- Configurations in Depth

More Videos are coming soon….

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